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How do I login to my Cpanel? And What is Cpanel?

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is the control panel that you can control your web space. What it contains is everything you need to take care of, like Email accounts, FTP Accounts, view traffic reports and control your domain names. Don't be afraid to go in and look around. Generally, most users will use Emails, site stats and the File Manager.

It also contains access to some basic information. Like editing your email prefrences. When you get notification emails of when your over bandwidth limits and other things. Also, you can change your password for your webspace. It is very important to do this regularly. This makes sure the hackers can't get in.

How do I login to my Cpanel

When you signed up with my hosting service you received 2 emails.

  • The one with all the sign up info, like user name and password and domain name.
  • A welcome email on how to access your new account and the name servers you need to change your domain to.

The web addresses that you need to login is: Before you domain propagates: Or

after your domain propagates:

Between those 2, above, emails, you should be able to put things together to login to Cpanel. Now, the email that has your domain info and your user name and password is what you need to login. Please don't use the password that you used when you applied for the account in my billing software, that will be diffrent. When I create the account, I generate a new password for your web space because I cannot access the password in my billing program. Below is a sample of the the email you received.

| New Account Info |
| Domain:
| Ip: (n)
| HasCgi: y
| UserName: Your username
| PassWord: Your Password
| CpanelMod: x
| HomeRoot: /home
| Quota: 200 Meg
| NameServer: Do not use this name server.
| Contact Email:

If you did not recieve this email, please submit a Help Desk ticket and I will email it to you.

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