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Setting up Mozzila Thunderbird email client (May be outdated)

Setting up Thunderbird is an easy process with the wizard.

    • The first time you open Thunderbird. You will see a folder called "Local Folders" Click on this folder.
    • The pane on the right will have a list of options. Find and click on "Create a new account" This will bring up the create account wizard.
    • On the first screen make sure "Email Account" is selected and click next.
    • The first field enter your name or your company name, if you like. In the second enter the email address that you created in your Cpanel IE Then click Next.
    • In this field you will enter your mail server address. Which would be , also, leave POP selected. The bottom of this window asks if you want to keep all mail in your local folder or do you want to create a folder for just this email account. Reasoning behind this is if you have several email accounts and want to keep track them separately you can do this. If you have one or two, you may want to keep them all in the local folder. This is your choice. Then click next.
    • In this window it asks what your incoming email username is. This will be your email address When you check your email for the first time on this account, Thunderbird will ask for your password. Remember to check save password.

This will get your incoming email setup. I don't have Thunderbird on a machine that isn't setup, so I am unable to remember if the wizard asks for SMTP information. SMTP is your send protocals. This will need to be setup so you can send email.

Quick Facts SMTP Server is: Username: Password: same as your incoming email. I realize this is incomplete. I will finish it as I get more information. THX

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