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Setting up an Email Account.

I will try and cover the basics here on how to create an Email account for your domain.


  • This is a pretty strait forward procedure. Just some basic steps to get you going.
    • First Login to Cpanel. If you need help go here.
    • Next find the Email panel. It will be below the Preferences Panel.
    • Click on the "Email Accounts" icon. This will take you to the email accounts page.
    • You might note that there is a video tutorial that you can view for additional help.
    • The top field is where you would put the email username you want. Like or
    • The dropdown is where will be. If you where to have a parked or additional domain on your site there would be both domains in this dropdown. And you would be able to use either.
    • The next field down is for your password. This is important, don't make it too easy. You don't want to make it vulnerable to hackers.
    • The "Generate Password" allows the software to create a password for you. Remember to write it down if you use this option. otherwise you will need to reset it later if you forget it.
    • Mail box quota. This is important to change. I usually set it to 10 or 20 megs. Just remember, you mail box size counts towards your total webspace use. So it is always best to set it low. More or less if you fill a mail box with 100 megs of mail, then you will only have 100 megs of space for your website with a 200 meg total space limit.
    • Now all you have to do is click "Create" Now you have an email address.
    • After you click create, you will come to a page that will list the information that you entered and asks you if you want to configure an email client. Click NO or click "Go Back" I found that the configure options don't work well or at all.


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